Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Mounted To A Power Plant

WSLY Series zirconia oxygen analyzer mounted to a power plant.

Our friendly costomer form Indonisia, he send me a picture about mounted the WSLY  zirconia oxygen analyzer, they are very satisfied with our product.

Inster Ultrasonic Flow Meter Mounted To A Steel Mill

WSL-CG Series Inster Ultrasonic Flow Meter Mounted To A Steel Mill. It is used for used in sewage disposal pipes.

WSLY Series Zricona Oxygen Ananlyer for A Power Plant in Singapore

According to customer requirements, this zirconia oxygen analyzer is used to measure the oxygen content in flue gas on the boiler of a power plant.
The probe length of this zirconia analyzer is 400mm. The converter is explosion-proof. The customer tested it after receiving the goods. All the parameters are normal and the customer is very satisfied.