Installation And Environmental Requirements Of The Split Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The electromagnetic flowmeter consists of an electromagnetic flow converter and an electromagnetic flow sensor. The separate type also requires a special double-shielded cable to connect the converter and the sensor. There are two kinds of electromagnetic flowmeters in common use: integrated structure and separated type. Can be used in specified explosion-proof locations.

The sensor of the split electromagnetic flowmeter should be installed vertically, and the fluid should flow from the bottom up to meet the solid and liquid conditions. The reason is that if there is solid matter in the medium, it is easy to precipitate. In addition, there are fish and weeds in the pipeline. Fish swimming in the pipeline will cause the output of the flowmeter to swing back and forth; the swing of the weeds hanging near the electrode will also cause the output of the flowmeter to be unstable. Today we focus on the split – type electromagnetic flowmeter

The split electromagnetic flowmeter can prevent negative pressure from being generated in the sensor due to improper setting of the negative pressure pipeline. When both the upstream and downstream valves of the flowmeter are closed at the same time, if the temperature of the fluid is higher than the air temperature, it will shrink after cooling, which may cause the pressure in the pipe to form a negative pressure. The negative pressure caused the liner to peel off from the metal conduit, causing electrode leakage.

Add a negative pressure prevention valve near the split electromagnetic flowmeter and open the valve to connect to atmospheric pressure to prevent negative pressure in the sensor. When a vertical pipeline is connected downstream of the split electromagnetic flowmeter, if the upstream valve of the flow sensor is used to close or adjust the flow, a negative pressure will form in the sensor measurement tube. To prevent negative pressure, add back pressure or use a downstream valve to regulate and close the flow.

Installation of the split electromagnetic flowmeters requires proper maintenance space. Large-caliber flowmeters are often installed in instrumentation wells. For the convenience of pipeline installation, wiring, inspection and maintenance, appropriate space is required. For the convenience of observation, wiring and maintenance, the instrument should be installed at a certain height from the ground to facilitate cleaning and installation.

Installation and external environment requirements of split electromagnetic flowmeter:

  • Flowmeters should not be installed in places where the temperature changes greatly or the equipment is exposed to high temperature radiation. If necessary, thermal insulation and ventilation measures should be provided.
  • The flowmeter should be installed indoors. If it must be installed outdoors, it should be protected from rainwater, flooded water and sun exposure. Moisture and sun protection measures must be taken.
  • In order to facilitate the installation, maintenance and maintenance, ample installation space is required around the flowmeter.
  • The installation field of the flowmeter should avoid strong magnetic fields and strong vibration sources. If the pipeline is vibrated, there should be fixed pipeline supports on both sides of the flowmeter.

New Electromagnetic Flow Meter Is SS304 Body Material Magnetic Flow Meter

This electromagnetic flow meter is SS304 body material magnetic flow meter.

Usually, electromagnetic flowmeters are used in water, waste water and similar areas that have electrical conductivity. Most significant advantage of WSL series electromagnetic flowmeters is they have not any moving part, easy installation and they need minimum maintenance.

Therefore, a high quality flowmeter that can solve problems for customers is your best choice.

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Will Be Used In Power Plant

Industrial pollution has been very serious in recent decades, we should try our best to protect the environment from pollution and build a beautiful home together.

The factory flue gas emissions should be treated with the correct instrument or used twice. For example, WSL zirconia oxygen analyzer is widely used in industrial fields such as power plants and chemical plants. It is suitable for continuous monitoring of oxygen content in industrial furnaces, achieving low-oxygen reasonable combustion, reducing fuel consumption and reducing environmental pollution.

This batch of Zirconia oxygen analyzer had completed in WSL instrument factory and they are Pre-shipment testing is under way. The size of zirconia probe is 180-400mm, they will deliver to a power plant in India, and will be used in Power plant renovation project.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Will Be Completed from WSL Instrument


There are 20 sets of magnetic flowmeter will be completed in WSL instrument workshop, all of the magnetic flow meter are separate type, line size DN80~300; they will deliver to a customer who has cooperated with us for a long time in Malaysia, and will be used in water treatment industry.

Quality control is fundamental to mutual trust. We will provide appropriate solutions to customers and actively cooperate with them to complete the project progress.

WSL Series Electromagnetic Flow Meters to Share you

WSL Istrument producing a large quantity of electromagnetic flow meters in our work shop. They have completed tests and will be sent to a power plant in Malaysia.
These electromagnetic flow meters are gray, they are made of stainless steel and have beautiful exterior. Our electromagnetic flow meters have high accuracy, up to 0.5%.And 0.3%, 0.2% accuracy is optional and both of them are remote type.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters DN1600 Delivery To a Boiler Factory In India

Electromagnetic flowmeters DN1600 delivery to a boiler factory in india.

This product is made of stainless steel. It is the third time that the customer has ordered the same series of electromagnetic flowmeters with different diameters.Easy installation, customer use is at ease, deeply loved by customers.

Thanks a lot for our customer trust in us. We will constantly improve our products and help customers solve problems.

DN1800mm large caliber electromagnetic flowmeter to Taian

WOSHILONG supplied WSL-LD Series DN1800mm large caliber electromagnetic flowmeter to Taian of China in 2019.

WSL Level Meter Used For Tank Level Measurement And Control

WSL ultrasonic Level Measurements are commonly used for tank level measurement and control. They offer cost-effective, continuous level measurement and a wide range of features to handle almost any tank level management task. Unlike mechanical level indicators and many electronic level measurement technologies, ultrasonic sensors don’t have to touch the liquid to measure it so the risk of sensor fouling or liquid contamination over time is eliminated.

Radar Level Meter Mounted To A Reservoir Dam

WOSHILONG supplied WSL90X Series of radar level meter mounted to a reservoir dam.

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Mounted To A Power Plant

WSLY Series zirconia oxygen analyzer mounted to a power plant.

Our friendly costomer form Indonisia, he send me a picture about mounted the WSLY  zirconia oxygen analyzer, they are very satisfied with our product.