Flow Meters Best for Industrial Use

There are various different kinds of liquid flow meters with unique features that differentiate them according to their accuracy and functionality. In order to know more about the types of flow meters best for industrial use without wastefulness, consider the following options of different volume-based meters.

1. Coriolis Meters

Coriolis meters exist in two plans to provide the true mass flow measurement. One of these designs is a single tube design, whereas the other one consists of two parallel tubes. Coriolis meters are suitable for a broad choice of gas and liquid applications. They are commonly used in industries that include pharmaceutical manufacturing, nuclear facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, custody transfer and natural gas measurement.

2. Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Differential pressure flow meters estimate changes in pressure for the identification of the speed of flow. It has a flow-restrictive orifice that processes the reduction in pressure through the restriction point. The drop in pressure from upstream to downstream are proportional to the flow rate. Sometimes, no moving parts are needed or a rapid response time is required. This is where a differential pressure flow meter is suitable. It is used in industrial applications for the calculation of output of fuels, plain water measurement testing or even chemical manufacturing. They are also used in labs for the control and calculation of the flow of gases while separating or mixing them by the use of chromatography.

3. Positive Displacement Gear Meters:

Positive displacement gear meters have an oval, counter-synchronized gear that is attached to revolve with the liquid flow. The amount of liquid transferred through these gears is well regulated and gives the meters a great accuracy. It is well suited for installation in the toughest situations and even for high viscosity fluids. They are used in hydraulics and they also work great with oil or fuel transfers, in manufacturing and paper and pulp industries. Since stainless steel is used for the, they are the ultimate choices for petrochemical industries or those that involve light or heavy oils.

4. Paddle Wheel Meters

Paddle wheel meters exist in different forms with propellers, oscillating disks and spinning paddle wheels. The spinning parts of a paddle wheel meter deliver a pulse while passing through an optical or magnetic sensor. Such a meter offers brilliant accuracy at low costs. It is usually used in the rural areas for water or wastewater treatment, irrigation, aqua farms, and in plain-water capacity. Because these meter work well with viscous liquids, they are suitable for use in services and the gas and oil industries.

5. Magnetic Flow Meters:

Magnetic meters are of two types: full-bore and insertion. They are high-end liquid flow meters and can be used in chemical manufacturing, petrochemical, mining, paper and pulp manufacturing, industries of foods and beverages and water purification.


According to the above article, it is clear that magnetic flow meters are usually considered as the most suitable flow meters for industrial purposes. They can precisely measure any kind of conductive liquid flow, whether clean or dirty.

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