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Measurement of Liquid Flow in Remote Locations with Portable Flow Meters

Portable flow meters are an instrument which is used for the measurement of nonlinear, linear, volumetric and mass flow rate of a gas or liquid. They can be used in various situations, such as industrial or domestic depending on what you are looking for. You can use portable flow meters for measuring liquid flow in remote areas as well.

When choosing a flow meter, you need to consider the intangible factors such as maintenance, plant experience with calibration, location and more. The cost of the installation should also be taken into account along with the failure history, and spare parts availability. Remote locations require more care as spare parts and other things should be easily available as failure to take quick actions could result in slow down or even shut down of the plant altogether.

Never make the mistake of justifying the use of a device just because it is less expensive. Such devices could lead to costly installations or maintenance. This post will help you choose portable flow meters for the measurement of liquid flow in remote locations.

Fluid and Flow Characteristics

When looking for portable flow meters, there are certain characteristics which need to be taken into account such as the fluid and its flow characteristics vapor pressure, viscosity, conductivity, density, allowable pressure drop, temperature, pressure and other things. The interaction of these characteristics also needs to be taken into account. The safety and toxicity information as well as the condition of the gas or liquid has to be given along with the presence of bubbles, fluid composition and others.

Pressure & Temperature Ranges

Secondly, the expected maximum temperature and pressure value has to be given when selecting the portable flow meter for a remote location. Whether it would fill the pipe, the flow would reverse, if pulsation or aeration is likely and whether slug flow could develop should be known beforehand. These precautions would help with the maintenance as well.

Piping and Installation Area

The piping and installation area has to be considered as well. Portable flow meters are installed in various types of terrain and areas. Therefore, it is important to know which type of terrain the piping is so as to ensure that the installation process is successful.

Flow rates and Accuracy

Next, you need to determine the required meter range of the maximum and minimum flows that would need to be measured. It will help with the flow measurement accuracy to be determined. The accuracy requirements need to be stated separately at maximum, minimum and normal flow rates.


In view of these considerations, portable flow meters, which are insensitive to viscosity, pressure and density variations would not be affected. Make sure to get high-quality portable flow meters for a remote location to ensure that the measurement of the liquid flow is accurate and safe. It can be difficult to maintain a portable flow meter in remote locations. Therefore, make sure to get one which is durable.

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