The Water Mag Meter is a wonderfully designed flow meter that is distinctive because of its performance. The meter is made using premium quality materials to ensure it is durable and sturdy. A remarkable feature of this meter is its successful and field-proven technology. It enables the meter to perform exceptionally good.

A great thing about this Mag meter is its measurements. They are precise and accurate as it is independent of temperature, pressure, conductivity, fluid density, and humidity. It has a short and straight pipe. In addition, there are no pressure drop or obstacles.

This is Mag Meter is excellent for using in different industries like petrochemical, steel and iron, petroleum, paper making, food, and medicine. The alarm function of the meter makes it perfect to be used for two-stage flow, high and low limit of flow, self-diagnosis, and empty load tests.

The meter comes with the advanced processing technology that makes it immune to negative pressure. When it comes to setting up the parameters, you will not have to open the cover. This is because of the infrared touch nubs. It improves the user experience.

For making it convenient to use, the meter has an LCD display. This will make it easy to read it in both darkness and daylight. It is a versatile meter that is perfect for general and tough processes such as pastry, papermaking, and mining.

The Water Mag Meter has a high-pressured sensor that can withstand both negative and high pressure. This makes it an ideal choice for industries like oil and chemistry.