This handheld meter features a patented balanced lower voltage multi-pulse igniting circuit. It helps in improving the anti-interference ability so the flow meter will perform well in all conditions. This ultrasonic flow meter will work well in the power frequency transverter close by.

This flow meter has excellent intelligent adaptive signal processing that will enable you to use it without having to adjust the circuit. Moreover, the signal receiving circuit has a self-adapting design. This will allow you to operate meter without any difficulty.

The transducers are a clamp on and non-contacting type. It makes it easy to install and ensures it operates well without any trouble. A great thing about this ultrasonic flow meter is its design. This meter is designed to make measuring velocity of the fluid in a closed conduit easy and convenient.

A wonderful feature of this ultrasonic flow meter is that it sends and receives the ultrasonic waves between transducers. It is capable of sending waves in both directions, downstream and upstream. When there are no flow conditions, the waves might take the same time to travel upstream and downstream. In case of flowing conditions, the upstream wave will transit at a slower rate, taking more time than a downstream wave. On the other hand, when the flow is fast, the difference between downstream and upstream increases.

In order to figure out the flow rate, the transmitter processes both upstream and downstream time. This is easy to carry as it is lightweight. The transmitter is water, impact, and dust proof. Thanks to its display, you can keep a check on flow velocity, instant flow, working conditions, and total flow.