This electromagnetic flow meter is a reliable and high-performing flow meter. It has a state-of-the-art technology design that makes stand out from the crowd. The flow meter is manufactured using quality materials that make it durable and robust. The measurements it provides is not influenced by temperature, density, conductivity, pressure, and humidity. The required pipe for the meter is short and straight. When measuring the flow rate, there is no obstructive or pressure drop in the conduit.

This flow meter has a sensor equipped with the latest processing technology. It provides exceptional immunity for negative pressure. There is no need to open the cover of the converted for setting up restrictions. It has infrared touch nubs that will allow you to set the parameters without any trouble.

A wonderful feature of this flow meter is its alarm function. This is useful for empty load tests, two-stage flow value, self-diagnosis, and high and low limit of flow. This flow meter is helpful for general processes along with complex applications like papermaking, mining, and pastry.

It has LCD that will make it easy to use and see the readings in daylight and darkness. Thanks to the high-pressure sensor, it can perform exceptionally well. The sensor has PFA lining technology that is resistant to both, negative and high pressure. This makes the flow meter better for industries like chemistry and oil.

This meter has a wide range of application and is used in different industries like chemical engineering, electric power, petroleum, medicine, water-treatment, papermaking, petrochemical and many more.