When you are looking for the best flow meter, this Industrial Electromagnetic Flow Meter is the right choice. This meter performs exceptionally well in all types of industries. It is the reason why you can use it for both general and complicated procedures like papermaking, pastry, and mining.

The sensor in the meter is equipped with advanced processing technology. This is the reason why it is independent of negative pressure. There is no hurdle or any pressure drop in the conduit. The pipe of the meter is short and straight.

Moreover, the high-pressure sensor features the PFA lining technology that can withstand negative and high pressure. This makes it useful for industries like chemistry and oil.

As far as measurements are concerned, there is no influence of it. All the measurements are accurate and precise from factors like pressure, temperature, conductivity, and fluid density. A great feature of this flow meter is its LCD. This makes the meter user-friendly as it helps in seeing the readings in all lighting conditions.

The infrared touch nubs are perfect for setting the parameters. This means you will not have to open the cover of the converter. The meter can be used for a wide range of applications in industries like paper making, water treatment, medicine, petrochemical, chemical engineering, petroleum, and many others.

A remarkable feature of the flow meter is the alarm function. This is helpful for self-diagnosis, high and low limit of flow, empty load test and two-stage flow value.