When you are in search of a premium quality flow meter, this insertion ultrasonic flow meter is the best choice. The flow meter has 0.5% of linearity and 0.2% of repeatability. A remarkable feature of the flow meter is that it has high anti-interference. This means it will work well without any interruptions.

It has a powerful memory function; this will enable you to keep the record and you can check it anytime. This flow meter has a temperature sensor that will adjust the temperature automatically. It supports SD memory card that will enable you to store important information.

The flow meter has different types of transmitters including wall-mounted, module, and explosion-proof. It features an LCD display that supports different languages such as English and Chinese. This flow meter is capable of accurately and efficiently determining the flow rate. The transducers of the meter are non-contacting and clamp-on type making installation quick.

The flow meter has a great design that makes measuring the velocity of fluids easy and precise in a closed container. The ultrasonic waves are sent and received between transducers in both directions. The transmitter is capable of processing both downstream and upstream time to figure out the flow rate.

A great thing about this flow meter is that it can work well with different types of pipes like stainless steel, copper, PVC, aluminum, and cast iron. It is able to determine the flow of various liquids such as sea water, beer, alcohol, oil, water acid, water, and many other liquids.