The pipe ultrasonic flow meter is a quality and durable flow meter. This flow meter is a perfect choice when it comes to measuring the flow velocity of liquids. A special thing about this pipe flow meter it that its installation. It has non-contacting and clamp-on type transducers that make installation simple and hassle-free. As far as its operation is concerned, it has a non-fouling operation.

What makes this flow meter special is that it provides precise, quick, and accurate measurements. The meter will send and receive ultrasonic waves between the transducers. This is to transit time in both directions, upstream and downstream in a pipe. The downstream and upstream time will be processed for determining the flow rate of liquids.

This flow meter has an LCD that makes navigation easy. It features a built-in logger and date totalizers that will make it easy to keep a record. The flow meter has 0.5% linearity and 0.2% repeatability. This meter has patented balance lower-voltage multi-pulse ultrasonic igniting. It makes it easy to control the meter.

The Pipe Ultrasonic flow meter has two types of flow meter wall mounted and explosion-proof type. You can choose the type of flow meter according to the condition you want to install it. This enables it to work well near transverters.

A wonderful thing about this flow meter is that it is IP certified. The main board has IP65 while the transducer has IP68. It can work well with different pipe materials like steel, cast iron, PVC, stainless steel, copper, and many more.