This Ultrasonic flow meter is a high-quality flow meter that has non-intrusive measuring. It is a perfect way to measure the flow velocity of liquids in a closed conduit. The transducers of the flow meter are a clamp on and non-contacting type that can be installed without any hassle. It will make sure the flow meter works well.

It comes with a built-in logger and thermal printer. This instrument can print over 20 results regularly and immediately. This flow meter is easy to use as it comes with an LCD display. For making it convenient to use for everyone it supports different languages including Turkish, English, Chinese, and Italian.

This portable meter has a protective case that makes it easy to carry around. The meter is a shock, water, and dustproof, making it great to be used in all types of conditions. This portable ultrasonic flow meter has high accuracy measuring. It is designed to provide accurate and precise measurements. This flow meter has a wide measuring range, this enhances the user experience.

The ultrasonic flow meter is powered by a large battery, it will last for a long time. So, you don’t have to frequently charge it in between usage. This flow meter sends and receives ultrasonic waves between transducers to transit time in downstream and upstream.

The transmitter is capable of processing the downstream and upstream time in order to assess to flow rate. It can determine the flow rate of different liquids such as water, industrial sewage, alkali liquid, oils, and much more.