This Ultrasonic Level Gauge is a premium quality gauge that will make it convenient to measure the height of both, liquid and solid objects. It has an integrated design that means it can conveniently be installed. When it comes to using it, the ultrasonic level gauge features a 4-digit LCD display. It makes it easy and simple to use. You can observe and debug the gauge without any trouble.

The electronic shell material used for production is die-casting aluminum with the plastic sprayed surface. It has a full range of automatic temperature compensation. Moreover, this gauge is protected against lightning and thunder. It means you will not have to worry about excessive voltage and the current flowing to the gauge. This makes it safe to be used without any risks.

In addition, the gauge has an advanced terminal that will keep all the wires protected. There will be no risk of short-circuit as it makes sure no wire is loose.

It is certified and IP67 protected. This means it is completely safe to be used in various environments. It is acid and alkali resistant and plastic probe; this is the reason why it is safe and good to be used in harsh conditions.

This gauge comes with intellectual signal treatment technology. It is to make sure it can be used for all types of occasions. The Ultrasonic Level Gauge ensures ultrasonic transmission to the material surface. It has a broad range of application, you can use it for pools, wells, metering box, chutes, and much more.