If you are looking for a quality ultrasonic level meter, no need to look further. The ultrasonic level meter by (mention the name of your company) is an ideal choice. It has an integrated design that can be controlled without any difficulty.

This ultrasonic level meter has microprocessor digital level equipment that makes it easy to control it. The ultrasonic meter features a transducer (sensor) that produces an ultrasonic pulse for measuring. The sound waves will reflect the liquid surface and the sensor will receive it. It has magnetostrictive devices that convert the waves into electrical signals. This makes measuring the distance extremely easy by calculating the time it takes between emission and receiving the waves.

Moreover, this is a versatile ultrasonic level meter that can be used for measuring both, solid and liquid material’s height. This is possible thanks to the non-contact measurement. It can be for chute, metering box, pool granary, well, storage tank, and drains.

When it comes to installation, this meter is convenient to install. It is equipped with a big LCD that makes it easy to control and navigate through the settings. This meter is a plastic probe ultrasonic level meter is alkali and acid resistant, making it capable of adapting well to bad environments. You can use it all kinds of conditions without having to worry about it getting destroyed.

Additionally, it has protection against lightning. This means it comes with over-current and over-voltage protection. It reduces the risk of accidents, making it safe and secure.