The Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter has easy to use and integrated design. It features a huge LCD display that will make it simple to control and observe. What makes this transmitter special is that it is protected against high current and voltage. It has lightning and thunder protection, meaning it will not malfunction when receives high current or voltage.

The transmitter has an advanced clamp type terminal to make sure no wiring is loose. This is a wonderful feature as it will decrease the risk of any mishaps. It is the reason why it is perfect to be installed in various environments. The ultrasonic liquid level transmitter is all plastic probe. It is resistant to acid and alkali; this is why it perfect to be used in harsh environments.

It can be installed easily without any hassle. Another great feature of this transmitter is its intellectual signal treatment technology. It will ensure the transmitter performs well in all types of operating situations.

Furthermore, this level transmitter comes with microprocessor digital level equipment. It makes the transmitter convenient to use. The ultrasonic pulse is produced by the sensor (transducer), it enables you to easily measure the height level.

The sensor will emit sound waves to the liquid surface and receives it back. This makes height measurement accurate and precise. Thanks to the piezoelectric crystal, the sound waves are converted to electrical signals.

When it comes to application, it can be used for storage tanks, metering box, well, chute, granary, and pools.