Looking for the best radar sensor for measuring the liquid, no need to look further. The WSL901 radar sensor is a thin rod antenna that will make it convenient to measure the level of the liquid. A great thing about this radar sensor is that it can be installed at the openings of small vessels. Thanks to the slim rod, the radar sensor can easily be installed at the openings. This makes it an ideal choice for small process fittings like 1 ½ inch.
This radar sensor is perfect for continuous measuring of liquid levels under all conditions. A special thing about this radar is that it is maintenance and wear tear free. This is the reason it is an ideal choice for high-quality plants.
Moreover, the radar sensor by Washlon has a maintenance-free operation because of the non-contact measuring concept. No matter in which condition you install it, the radar sensor will provide an accurate and reliable measurement.
What makes this sensor excellent is its strength. It has low-frequency C-band that is useful for precise measurement. This will even be helpful for measuring the level of liquid when there are foam or bubbles.
When it comes to the materials, plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum are used. This ensures the radar sensor is durable and robust that will last for a long time. The sensor has a protection rating IP66, IP67, and IP68. It will perform well in all types of harsh conditions.