The WSL902 radar sensor by Washlon is a one-of-a-kind antenna that provides exceptional performance. A radar sensor is a perfect option for demanding process conditions. The sensor can be used for high-pressure ranges and temperatures because of an extended selection of the materials and process fittings.
This radar sensor has a non-contact concept and offers maintenance-free measurements. A great thing feature of this radar sensor is that it has an adjustable measuring range. This radar sensor is not affected by any buildup or condensation on the antenna. It is the reason why this sensor can detect the accurate level of the liquid.
It is an ideal choice for high temperatures. A wonderful thing about this sensor is that it can be used universally. This is possible because of the different versions of the antenna. The sensor is not impacted by the medium properties such as conductivity and density. As far as the levels in solid are concerned, it is not affected by dust and filling noise.
When it comes to measurements, the sensor offers accurate measurement irrespective of the process conditions. It is simple and convenient to install and use.
This radar sensor is perfect to be used in standpipes, process vessels, steam drums, mud pits, and storage tanks. The major applications of the radar sensor are in environmental and recycling technology, chemical industry, and petrochemical sector. In addition, it can be used for measuring the level in cavity service tanks in research and navy vessels.