If you want to buy a radar sensor for measuring the bulk solid, WSL903 is the best choice. This is a wonderful sensor that will enable to measure the bulk solids in all the environments. The large selection of materials and process fittings will make it easy to use in the various pressure ranges and wide temperature.
This radar sensor is great to be used for measuring level in large bunkers and high silos. A remarkable feature of this radar sensor is that is an excellent way for level measurement. This is because it has an easy setup.
The sensor provides reliable and precise measurements even in harsh conditions. The measurement will be unaffected by noise, dust, and vapor. This radar has a maintenance-free operation, making it a wonderful option for a wide range of applications. A great feature of this radar sensor is the quick product changes will be taken into account without the requirement of recalibration.
Furthermore, this radar sensor can be used for point level detection and level measurement of foam in the digester. When it comes to usage, this radar sensor is extremely easy to use. The housing materials used for the radar sensor includes aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel. This makes the sensor sturdy and reliable.
The radar sensor has IP66, IP67, and IP68 rating, this makes it perfect to be used in all types of environments. Since it is maintenance-free and doesn’t wear and tear easily, it will last for a long period.