The WSL904 Radar Level Meter is an excellent way to continuously measure the bulk solids. This radar level meter has an extended collection materials and process fittings. It is why this radar level is best to use in most demanding temperature and pressure ranges.
It is perfect for detecting the level of solid materials under any type of process conditions along with large measuring ranges. A wonderful thing about the radar level meter is that it can be used universally and simplifies the planning process.
The radar level meter has various antenna materials and versions, making it perfect for all processes and applications. This radar meter has a wide range of application, making it suitable to be used in large bunkers, furnace, high silos, and stone crushers.
Thanks to this radar, it is convenient to crystalize. The radar can perform well in case of condensation and dust. This radar has a maintenance-free operation that makes it simple to handle and use. For manufacturing of the radar, plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum are used. This makes it long-lasting and durable.
This radar level is great to be used in the power plants or storage facilities where materials are built like cement and clinker. The radar level meter is used in the incinerator to measure the airflow and waste layer thickness.
In a sintering plant, it can be used for measuring the level. In addition, it is useful for measuring the level in the ash discharger and pyrolysis chamber. So, get this radar level meter to make measuring the level easy.