If you are looking for the best radar level meter for powder or solid particles, WSL905 radar level meter is the best choice. The antenna of the radar level meter releases microwave pulses that are conducted down the antenna.
The microwave exposure to the object is reflected by the antenna system. Then, the electronic part receives the level signal. The speed of microwave propagation is fast. The measuring range of this radar level meter is liquid 30m, solid powder 15m, and solid block 20m. the medium temperature range of radar level is -40 to 250 degrees Celsius. The frequency range of the radar level meter is 26Ghz.
This radar level meter is capable of measuring the small blind area. It is the reason why it will be perfect for small cans. The measurement it provides is accurate and precise. Additionally, this radar level meter has a high signal to noise ratio. This means that even in fluctuations, better performance is delivered.
Moreover, it has a high frequency for measuring the low dielectric constant media and solid. The radar has an IP67 protection rating. This is the reason why it is perfect to be used in all types of conditions. The materials used for the production of the radar level meter are of premium quality that ensures it is sturdy and robust. This is the reason why the radar will last for a long time.
Hence, buy this radar level to make it easy to detect levels of powder or solid particles.