WSL906 Radar Level Meter is an ideal way to measure liquids under strict hygienic requirements or aggressive liquids. A special thing about this radar level meter is its front-flush mounting system. The compressed antenna system makes sure the system is cleaned properly and it is in accordance with the hygienic requirements.
Thanks to the encapsulated antenna system, the radar level meter is protected against pollution and dust. This is useful for ensuring the radar meter has a maintenance-free operation. It is possible because of the non-contact measuring concept. The materials used for the production of the radar level meter are of high-quality.
As far as the results are concerned, this radar offers precise measurements that are unaffected by the process conditions. It has high plant availability as the radar will not be impacted by wear and tear. The measuring range of the radar level meter is 35 m.
This radar level meter is great to be used in dosing vessels, process vessels, storage tanks, and reactors. There are other applications of this radar level meter. It can be used in the food processing sector, the chemical industry, and the pharmaceutical industry for measuring levels. Furthermore, it can also be used for level measurement in cavity service tanks on research and navy vessels.
The WSL906 radar can also be used in cargo tanks on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). This is helpful in detecting the level, pressure, and point level. Buy this radar level and detect the level of liquid under hygienic conditions.