The Advantages of Ultrasonic Water Flow Meters

There are mainly two types of ultrasonic flow meters, namely transit-time type and Doppler type. Both of these are used for the measurement of flow by receiving and transmitting ultrasound waves through a pipe. The transit-time ultrasonic flow meter measures clean liquids and the Doppler flow meter measures dirty liquid.

Both utilize clamp on flow transducers for detecting the flow in a closed pipe. It is important to know the advantages of ultrasonic water flow meters. This post will provide you with all the information that you need.

  1. No Direct Contact to Fluid

The ultrasonic water flow meters don’t require contact with the fluid directly. This helps avoid any pollution to the fluid. It can meet special needs such as biology, chemistry, medical, food and others.

  1. No Pipe Cutting

One of the best things about the flow meters is the fact that when you install the clamp on, it doesn’t need the cut to be cut. This is different from traditional flow meters. All you need to do is clamp the flow meter to pipe surface. The ultrasonic water flow meter will detect the flow by ultrasound wave and automatically calculate the value of flow totalizers, flow velocity and etc.

  1. No Moving Parts

The status of the traditional mechanical flow meters would have been destroyed due to the fact that they must use moving parts for sensing the flow of the liquid.  The flow accuracy would also have been degraded due to the use of moving parts. This lead to users having to replace the flow measurement device but it isn’t the case with the ultrasonic flow meters.

  1. No Risk of Leakage

Since there is no pipe cutting, it means there is no need for the pipe to be damage. When the pipe remains in good condition, it helps ensure that there is no possibility of leakage. This advantage is of great use for corrosive liquids, poisoning, alkali, strong acid and others.

  1. Wide Turndown Ratio

Another important technical specification in the flow measurement process is turndown ratio. It is used for referring to the flow range and would be decided by the flow technology principle. The traditional flow meters had a small turndown ration of just 10:1 and the ultrasonic flow meter has one of 100:1 which is a huge difference.

  1. No Pressure Loss

A great thing about ultrasonic flow meters is that it doesn’t come in contact with the fluid as there are no moving parts. This also means that there is no pressure loss. This means you wouldn’t have to worry about pressure compensation and it could save you the cost of a pressure transmitter.

  1. No Future Maintenance

Since there is no pipe cutting nor are there any moving parts, it means that ultrasonic water flow meters would not require higher maintenance. Users could end up saving lots of time and money due to this reason. Furthermore, even if the flow meter requires maintenance, it wouldn’t stop the flow or the production.

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