What is Vortex Flow Meter and how it works?

What is Vortex Flow Meter?

The term “Vortex Flow Meter” refers to a device that is used for measuring flow in those situations where problems are created when moveable components are introduced. These are available in the form of plastic, brass or other industrial level construction. There is low sensitivity to differences in the process conditions. As these have no moving components, there is comparatively reduced wear and tear when compared to flow meters of other types. These types of meters are used to measure the flow of gas and liquid, as well as of steam.

What is the Principle of Operation?

These types of flow meters use a principle known as the von Kármán effect. As per this precept, while moving by a bluff body vortices will be generated alternately by flow. A bluff body consists of a flat, broad front. The bluff body, in a vortex meter, is a strip of material having such a front that vertically projects into the flow stream. The velocity of the flow is directly proportional to the vortices’ frequency. The flow rate is calculated through multiplication of the flow velocity to the pipe area.

Vortex meters, in a few cases, need straight upstream piping or straightening vanes to be used in order to eliminate the distortion of swirl and flow patterns. For these types of meters, low flow rates happen to be an issue, as these irregularly produce vortices when the flow is low. The meters’ accuracy ranges medium – high, based on the manufacturer and model.

How Does It Work?

The vortex flow meter has to work properly, and for that it has to be fixed in the proper direction. This is known as the ‘Shedding Principle’ in Physics, and it requires that the meter has to be placed in the flow direction.

There has to be pressure so that the Vortex flow meter can function properly. It makes it more convenient for the fluid to go downstream, as the case is while dealing with matter that flows down rivers. The meter will cease to function and will remain static in case of no direction or pressure. It is essential to know about proper frequencies that are adjusted in order to make the meter function properly. For the process to begin, you will notice that the vortices’ frequencies are generally placed in a direction that is directly proportional to the meter’s flow.

If the Vortex flow meter has to easily operate, it is recommended that you purchase strong materials give that it will determine the direction and pressure of the meter. You will notice that the whole flow will not be channeled by broken pipes, and this will lead to issues with the pressure. It is important to pick thermoplastic piping solutions, as these have appropriate pressure, the right temperature of accurate flow of direction and the media of flow. You have to also check more while dealing with matters related to corrosion and chemical transportation, given that these are obstructions in the ability of the flow to get a direction.